How do I send the money to Caxton for the exchange?

You will be given the option to pay using your UK debit card or by bank transfer (all currencies).

Debit card – for GBP only up to 10,000. The funds will be taken immediately from your debit card. The name and address of the debit card holder must match the details that Caxton holds for you.

Bank Transfer – you will be provided with Caxton’s bank details to send the funds to. You will then need to instruct your bank to send the funds to Caxton. Please ensure that you include your unique payment reference so that we can match the funds to your Caxton account.

Please note that funds must be sent from a personal bank account in your name. We cannot accept funds into your Caxton account from somebody else. We may be able to accept funds from a business or legal body - depending on the reason for the transfer. Please call us to discuss this, if this is the case.

We do not accept any other payment method (e.g cheque, bankers draft, credit card, prepaid card, cash)

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