How to use your Caxton Card balance for an International Payment

Step 1: Log in to Caxton and go to your Cards dashboard

Visit and click on the ‘Log in’ button on the top right of the page. Once you’re logged in, ensure that you are on the Currency Cards section of your account. You should see your Caxton Cards and your Balances on the website.

If you are not on the cards pages, just select Currency Cards from the top menu of the website.


Step 2: Select the currency you want to send

On the ‘My Balances’ section of your Cards page, select the currency you want to send. Click on the ‘Transfer [CCY]’ button marked in the image below. This will initiate the transfer.

Card to IP - 1.png


Step 3: Amount and transfer selection

After clicking on the ‘Transfer [CCY]’ button, you will be sent on to the ‘Bank Transfer’ page, displayed below.

Here you can select your transfer amount.

More importantly, above the transfer amount input you’re given two options:

  1. I want to make the transfer now: Selecting this option will send you to the recipient selection page. From there you can complete your transfer.

  2. I don’t know the bank details yet, I will do this later: This option will simply transfer your selected amount to your International Payments balance. Selecting this option will allow you to simply move your funds between your balances and perform the international transfer at your earliest convenience.


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